ARPSC Meeting February 20, 2017

2-20-17 Meeting Notes @ ICSO

D-STAR -- Antenna is installed with coax.  Coax needs to be terminated and antenna grounded.  Progress has been made.


Background Checks -- Some people are in need of a new background check.  Links for the background checks are HERE, print one out, fill it out, and return to Jim or Lansing Fire Station 48.


Silver Bells -- AKA River Bells -- It rained a lot.  


501 © 3 -- LCDRA and CMARC are still working on it.  


SOG -- Form 217 has been updated.  Frequency Document is incorporated into the Form 217.


Programming FD radios -- Randy has the programming ready.


July 6-9 -- Common Ground.  Volunteers will be needed.  This is shorter than in previous years.


Skywarn Training -- April 22nd from 10am to Noon -- Will need four people to help sign people in.  


Website -- Some people are having problems reaching the website.  Ben Holcomb has fixed the problems. The meeting dates need to be updated.  Tom WA8WPI will be updating the CMARC website to note that the weekly ARPSC training net is not active..


Field Day -- fourth full weekend of June (June 24-25).  Ed Hude is getting in contact with Mike Waltz to check into getting the agreement with Mason updated. There is a new city administrator and we may want to set up a sit down with the new administrator to discuss Field Day.


D-1 Trailer Radio -- Radio that has been preferred by District 1 will be requested so that we can update the radio.  The preferred radio is programmable.


Wish List -- Dennis will be finalizing a wish list with equipment for the ATV kits, Digital Interfaces, and Radios.


Skywarn -- Going to work on getting contact information into Code Red.  Jeff is going to still be on the Skywarn NC rotation.  Changes have been made in how the NWS issues forecasts.  Watches are issued by the SPC, but we need to be prepared to activate whenever the forecast mentions severe weather (ie, there may be warnings without a watch).  We also discussed that we are not the first line of communication, but we are there for when the communication lines are knocked out or incapacitated.