ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday February 20, 2012

2-20-12 Meeting Minutes @ Ingham EOC

Craft sales – have been organized to support LCDRA.

CMARC Trunk Swap – July 28th.

Skywarn Training – 2 hours for NWS, Jim Geyer will be our speaker. 76 are signed up as of now.  Starting at 9:30. Those helping with laptops should show up at 8:30.

Net Control – Get in contact with Don to volunteer for net control or training for the training net.

Skywarn – Groups for weather monitoring are being setup. (I'm backup with Jim) – on call every 3 weeks. Make note that people should check in when they are listening, because code red means no check-ends.

Field Day – Last full weekend in June. Fairgrounds is approved, Rayner park has been checked, Holt 9th grade park, and McCormick park in Williamston (Red Cedar Jubilee going on – crowd draw) are all possibilities. Rayner and McCormick are most preferred sites.

Holt Summer Festival - 8-25-12 6am – 11pm – Would like to use us in 5K run and parade.

MSU Home football - ATV requested by MSU Police for times in September and October.

Lansing Marathon – 4/21/12 Downtown Lansing – (7a-4p) – Radio operator at every water station, with some in vehicles, and with VIPs. More information will be shared once available.

MS Walk – 4-28-12 (9a-2p) Potter Park Zoo.

March of Dimes – 4-28-12 (9a-2p) Riverfront Park.

March 26th – green and white game wanted MSU (radio support/atv).

More information is available about public service events at