ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday January 20, 2014

1-20-14 Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC

 The Yearly Report was turned in for 2013. Make sure to turn your hours in monthly (instructions on previous article).

Those who don't have their current races cards, get a hold of Jim. For new members, you can either forward the class certificates (IS 22, 100, 200, 700) or a transcript of the classes to Jim. Background checks will be re-run on ARPSC members, and should be ran on an every couple / few year bases.

ATV (Amateur Television) Kits – They haven't been groomed since Silver Bells. Helping with the kit grooming is a good way to gain experience and learn about how the ATV kits work. Word will be sent through the ListServ for kit grooming.

Skywarn – Currently, the plan is to have a call list for Skywarn Net Control operators that would be available for the EOC during activations like was done in 2013.

Veteran's Day Parade – It was wet and cold, though there was shelter for operators in the grand-stand. Messages were passed well.

Silver Bells – One camera position was run as well as another (new) camera that was tested and operated successfully.

Upcoming ATV – Cedar Village and Downtown East Lansing are possible ATV positions during the final 4. Much of our ATV operation is/has been based in Downtown Lansing and East Lansing.

SET – Mass Casualty Trailer at the Armory – Everything worked but the MPSCS radio. Antennas are labeled (K for the Kenwood radio, etc). The mass casualty trailer is tested out every year to make sure that equipment is working. This is a good experience to gain familiarity with the amateur equipment used in these trailers.

MSU – There is the possibility of deploying ATV on campus as needed. MSU has an EOC that we can also be called to help out with.

Skywarn Training – March 22nd 10am at LCC West. Detailed information can be found at: Make sure to pre-register if you are planning to attend (link is on the bottom of the Skywarn training webpage).

Randy received his award of excellence from Lansing for his volunteering.

Lansing Marathon – Indications are that the marathon will be pushed back into the fall. More information will be coming. One 26 mile loop, as well as two 13 mile loops has been used in the past. Jeremiah has informed me that he may be in April, but Mike Hamel was not aware of it yet.

Common Ground – Second week of July, Monday – Sunday, with 3 operators at the EOC plus at least one per ATV camera are used. More information on number and locations of ATV camera positions will be coming.

Emails – Make sure to respond to emails asking for help, even if just to say that you can't help out. This information helps in planning. Check your spam to make sure they are not going there. Instead of replying to the list serve all the time, just reply to Jim when appropriate. That way not everyone gets everyone’s reply.

Fire Departments – Radio Check – 6 Fire Departments, MSU EOC, 911, ICSO EOC, and may be the Clinton County EOC (which they will handle if they participate) have Amateur Radios installed. The current plan is that the February 17th meeting at 7pm will be replaced by doing a radio test at these location stations. An email has been sent out via the ARPSC ListServ requesting operators to let Jim know which stations you can help out with, or if you cannot make it. The radios will then be found, programmed (if needed) and tested to make sure all are in good working order. More information will be sent through the ListServ regarding the procedure and programming of the radios. Please email Jim if there are any questions or concerns.