ARPSC Meeting Minutes Monday January 19, 2015

1-20-15 Meeting Minutes @ Lansing EOC

LCDRA – will be installing the D-STAR at McLaren Medical. Also, the 444.125 Delta Fire machine will be operated by LCDRA is taking this machine and linking it with the 145.39.

Volunteer Time – Get your minutes in to Jim for any project / event so that Jim can get the minutes in for the reports. Hours driven, miles driven, hours worked are needed.

RACES Cards – They are not out. The RACES cards will be coming out in the next month or two (ish) with pictures on them. Requirements: If you don't participate in a RACES / ARPSC sponsored event, you will lose your RACES card. Events include: Net Control positions, Marathon, Common Ground, etc.

ATV Kits – Injector still missing – make sure to watch out for putting away equipment when you are putting it away to make sure that materials don't get misplaced.

Silver Bells – New setups were tested out and video quality was good for the deployment.

Skywarn – The Spotter Talk will be on March 7th from 10 to noon. Details and registration will be posted on the website soon.

District 1 meeting – The meeting was focused on organizing the counties and getting contact information for different districts and ECs. There was discussion to setup different frequencies to use in case of a request for help (so different counties could help out other district 1 counties with greater ease).

May 13 (Weds) – MSU Pavilion from 9am on – District 1 trailer test. Volunteers are needed. Contact Jim. This includes a half hour presentation and a communication test with each of the trailers present.

ICSO – Meetings have been secured at the ICSO. Access has been limited for some groups. We will be working on getting a SOG updated for use of the Ingham County EOC.

ISC 300 (Jan Tu 27, We 28, Th 29) and 400 (Feb Tu 24, We 25) are being recommended for leadership / different positions. If you are interested, get a hold of Jim.

Recruiting for events – If you know of operators that can help out in events, get in contact with them and ask them to come to an ARPSC meeting!

Komen Ride for the Cure – This race will again be in Mason and is scheduled for Sat August 1st. This event calls for operators at various locations along the route and SAG vehicle drivers.

Mobile Radio – As an FYI, there is a DSTAR, MotoTurbo, etc, under $300 - Connect Systems TH-9800.


Next Meeting will be at at ICSO.